In addition to residential and commercial inspections, Loveland, Colorado-based All Phase Inspections offers the following related services:

Radon Testing

Many Colorado residents opt to perform a Radon test when purchasing a home. Radon is a radioactive gaseous element formed by the breakdown of radium, which occurs naturally—especially in areas over granite. Radon is considered hazardous to healthand can accumulate in homes, especially in confined areas such as attics and basements. 

Radon levels fluctuate naturally, therefore testing for high levels is important. A radon test consists of using a radon kit that would be hung or placed in the lowest habitable floor of the house for two to seven days. After the kit has sat for the required amount of time, the inspector retrieves and sends the kit to a lab for analysis. If a radon test comes back high, some ways to alleviate the radon include sealing concrete slab floors, basement foundations, and water drainage systems. This could be a costly fix, suggesting the importance of radon inspections. Some general home inspectors will also do radon testing at an additional cost. It is important to ask your inspector if he performs these inspections, or to offer recommendations for having one done on your Colorado home. 

Sewer Scope

Mold Testing and Inspection

Asbestos Testing

Water Testing


Energy Analysis

Lead-based Paint Testing

Manufactured Home Foundation Certification


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